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What do we do?

Video production, web video, DVD creation, corporate video, business promotional videos, online marketing, point of sales videos, broadcast and documentaries.

Quite simply, whatever the delivery medium, we work with you to produce the best video programme possible at a competitive rate.

why businesses need web video 

Video production services

Promotional Video Production

We offer a whole range of video production services to businesses, organisations, charities, educational establishments who are seeking to grow their business or to raise awareness through the medium of video. For example:

Business Promotional Videos

Written and filmed in full collaboration with you to promote one of your products or services or maybe for a new launch. Using the power of the internet to reach as many of your customers as possible with web enabled video.

Product Demonstration Videos

The moving image has great power and clarity to convey ideas and concepts that would be very hard to explain by the written word and diagrams alone. Video can really show your customers how a product works and how they might interact with it.

Awareness Raising and Training Videos

We can produce powerful and thought provoking videos to convey ideas, issues and key facts that your staff or clientele might need to be aware of. In the past we have made sensitive documentary style video to convey complex issues in connection with mental health, tackling the abuse of vulnerable adults, bullying and knife crime amongst young people and guide lines for carers and health service staff.

Fund Raising Videos

Wether you are a major charity with a national reputation or a small campaign group we can produce a powerful programme that will convey your key messages to your existing supporters and help to attract new supporters to your cause. Over the years we have filmed for charities and relief agencies all around the globe and produced videos that have generated a great deal of revenue for many good causes.


Sometimes a simple ‘talking head’ style testimony from one of your clients or customers can be a fantastic tool to engage with existing and potential users of your products and services and adds a an engaging personal touch to your web site. These can be amongst some of the simplest and most cost effective forms of corporate video production.

video still from Manuel documentaryInterview still from Oxford Story MuseumVideo still from fundraising programme shot in Angola